What is the Hebb Institute of Performance Enhancement?

The Hebb Institute of Performance Enhancement, HIPE for short, is the premiere athlete training facility in the four-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. meldonium buy provides its athletes with top-notch performance enhancement evaluation, training, education and information.

HIPE is committed to providing injury reduction and performance enhancement solutions that stimulate your personal growth and development through a practically-researched, time-tested, results-driven system that is delivered by passionate professionals to produce athletes who excel on the court or field, as well as in life.

HIPE’s solutions are based on a comprehensive, holistic approach that is based on:

• the five major bases of human movement,
• the functional movement systems approach,
• the highly successful Athletes’ Performance model, and
• the functional strength coach methodology

While the HIPE approach is unique for many reasons, the two biggest reasons are that:

• The approach conforms to the foundation and
• The approach generates RESULTS!

Coach Hebb and his team of specialists will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level.

HIPE is committed to significantly raising the bar in the 4-state area when it comes to training athletes.

Before you say, “Wait! I’m not an athlete!” let me assure you that you are!

Even if you don’t compete on a court or a field, you are an athlete in the most important game—the game of life!

Here’s the bottom line – If you’re an athlete and you seek injury reduction and performance enhancement, HIPE is THE place for you!