Tiger Ih Rice Cooker

Tiger Corporation is a Japanese multinational manufacturer in China, Taiwan and the United best rice cooker .  The Company was established in 1923 in Nishi-ku, Osaka and formerly known as Kikuchi manufacturing Company before changing it’s name in 1953.  Renowned for producing perfect rice that can be enjoyed all day long, Tiger brand is a well trusted brand with proven track record of great products.  Compared to less expensive rice cookers the difference in quality is amazing and worth the difference in price.  Rice cooks in about 15 minutes but can stay warm for the remainder of the day and their rice cookers can last for years without needing to be replaced.

Product Line

Tiger offers a wide range of product categories to meet consumer needs such as the electronic Rice Cooker/

Warmer, kettles, coffee makers, grills, sport bottles, air purifiers, electric hot water dispenser, air pump jug/

Handy jug, stainless steel vacuum products, and more. The electronic rice cooker/warmer combines both electronic technology with the latest in heat retention technology.  These cookers use fuzzy logic technology and are well known for cooking delicious rice and surpasses even the largest home appliance manufacturers in market share.

Rice Cooker

Tiger brand products are manufactured in a fully equipped factory to come out with products which uphold the highest quality, value and standard.  Each product is subjected to vigorous tests before they are released into the market such as durability tests of the pots, automatic inspection to test heat retention, and much more to ensure each rice cooker will perform flawlessly.  Tiger brands can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 based on the specification and your particular requirements.  It is durable, provides non-stick, and cooks fantastic tasting rice.  The Tiger Rice Cooker models typically go from 5.5 cups to 20 cups.