Templates Terms of Use


By purchasing one of our designs you are legally bound to the following terms and conditions: Gleanacres Design Studio grants the purchaser a non-exclusive limited license. A unique license for one of our templates may be acquired by contacting us at sales@Gleanacresdesignstudio.com. You may only use the purchased template on a single website, belonging to either you or your client. A new purchase is required if you or your client requires a second project with the same design. You are authorized to make any and all necessary modification(s) to our products to fit your needs. You may not redistribute, resell, sub-license, assign or transfer the template without prior written consent from Gleanacres Design Studio. The template designs, including images and photographs, are copyright of Gleanacres Design Studio. All templates are sold “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Refunds can not be made once the templates have been delivered (e-mailed), so please make sure to address any questions or concerns prior to purchasing our products. Gleanacres Design Studio reserves the right to change or modify these terms without prior notice.

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Copyright © 2007-2008 Gleanacres Design Studio . All Rights Reserved PAYMENT  TERMS

1. Customer agrees to pay Developers a fee of <<Total Amount >>, according to the following terms:

A. 50% of the fee upon execution of the Agreement; (non-refundable)

B. The remaining upon completion per the specification.

2. Customer agrees to the pay for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Developers in developing the project including, but without limitation, any:

A. License fees

B. Outsource services billed for Customer

C. Film and Developing

D. Shipping

E. Domain name registration

F. Hosting costs

G: Hardware and software

H: Travel

3. Customer agrees to pay for the Developers’ fee and all expenses, as set forth above, within 15 days of invoice. All unpaid balances shall accrue interest at 1 ½% per month.

4. Customer agrees to submit all content in a timely fashion before going live. Websites do not go live until the balance is paid in full and has been customer approved.

5. Customer agrees that any changes customer makes to the specification may adversely affect the original estimate. Extra time incurred above and beyond the original specification will be billed and is not subject to the costs, estimates and caps in 1. above.

6.  Customer agrees that estimated yearly maintenance costs are only estimates and are not included in the quoted price.