Razer Mamba

Razer is a brand in gaming world and everybody know about they mice and keyborads. Another great model of gaming mice is Razer Mamba, capable of great performance, wireless and with cable. It had 4G (fourth generation) dual sensor tracking technology using both optical and laser sensors. Razer Mamba is better version of the original Mamba Gaming Mouse, with better performance. It has the ability to satisfy the needs of any gamer. For the price of 59$ it is one of the best mice on the market.


Design is well-known to all Razers fans. It is ergonomical with curvatures for better grip and more comfort, but it is only for right-handed. Mouse has rubberized smooth texture with rubber grips for better grip for pinky and thumb. Number of buttons is seven, the manufacturer didnt want to make too many for better reaction during gameplay. The scroll wheel lights in different colours for better atmosphere during game. This mouse has the ability to do with and without cable, and there arent many interferences during switching from one mode to another.


Polling rate of this mouse is around 1 000 Hz. In wireless mode it only goes up to 500 Hz but with cable it is 1 000 Hz without any problem. If https://www.fortygeeks.com use this mouse on mouse pad and you move it on the desk it might stop working for few seconds. You can download driver software from Razers website and customize your mouse. DPI is around 6 400 but you can customize it as you wish, 6 400 DPI or choose between five different values on its buttons. You can even set the mouses lift-off weight. If you accidentally lift your mouse, your computer wont detect motion.