Dealing with the College Blues: Notes on Depression

With the number of life changes a college student goes through, students can easily fall into a deep depression. Often times, students are far away from everything they know (home, family and friends). Moving on and growing up is usually a part of life, but for these students, dealing with it can be difficult. If you find you’re one of those students, don’t hesitate to get the help you need (and if you think you know a student who is dealing with depression, act immediately and responsibly for the protection of the student).  In cases like these, help from a university counselor can be beneficial.

If you know someone who is experiencing depression, you can help them by lending an ear (and a hand). Let the person know that you’re there to help as much as they need it and that they can talk to you anytime. If you think someone is in serious danger, you have an obligation to report it. Don’t ignore the fact that they may hurt themselves because you’re worried about what your friends might think of you if you “turn them in”.

For individuals who feel that they personally are depressed, you can do more to help yourself other than just talking to someone. Be pay for someone to do your homework to organize your life and plan your days accordingly. Avoid putting too much into one day and make sure you schedule your obligations so that you can get them done without putting too much pressure on yourself. Be sure to get enough sleep! Sleep is important. Avoid staying up late to get homework done. Instead give yourself enough time to complete assignments and don’t hesitate to ask for deadlines if you need them. Find things that interest you and participate in those things, within reason. This is an opportunity for you to meet other students with similar interests while doing something you enjoy and staying busy. Just be sure the extra activities don’t get in the way of study and sleep. Don’t lose yourself in activities, friends and school. Continue to have “me” time throughout the week. If it helps, schedule it in. Have a day that you only concentrate on yourself (or an afternoon or evening). Avoid hanging out with friends or doing homework. Instead, do something you enjoy (like read a book or watch a good movie).