Bark Collar Reviews

Compare Bark Collar and Citronella Bark Collar Ratings

Citronella no bark collars are on a rapid rise in the dog training industry. Unlike shock collars, citronella collars allow an animal to be corrected from barking with a simple, shock-less spray. The great part is that these sprays do not have any harmful side effects and often cost much less than their counterparts. bark collar reviews -Bark Dog Collar is made to reduce a dog’s barking by using an instantaneous, yet painless method.

GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar Features

All breeds: All breeds of dogs can benefit from this no bark collar. The only restriction is that owners do not use this collar on an animal that is younger than six months old or weighs less than six pounds.

Everything included: This collar comes with everything you need to get started. This includes a 3 ounce bottle of citronella and even a battery to get you started.

Harmless: Unlike shock collars, citronella does not use shocks. This means a dog will not be scared or harmed at all.

Instantaneous: Once a dog starts barking, the collar emits the citronella spray. This alerts the dog that their current behavior is unwanted.

Stimulating: The citronella spray alerts four of the dog’s senses. The dog can hear the spray, smell it, see it and even feel it. This helps the dog fully understand that the barking they are doing is causing all of these senses to trigger.

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty is given on the product.

A Painless Anti Bark Collar That’s Twice As Effective

The Premier GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar has invigorated an industry that has been using the same techniques for years. Not only are citronella collars safer than shock collars, they are shown to be twice as effective. This means that your dog will learn much faster and your house will finally be quiet.

GentleSpray allows your animal to be free from bothersome and sometimes painful shocks. These can lead to some animals being frightened to bark, where the citronella is just unpleasant to them. Dogs who keep their barks very low, won’t even be corrected. This can be a very nice thing, especially when a dog is playing. They do not want to be corrected for their playful manners.

Highly Recommended

Owners will want to make sure that they have fresh batteries on hand as they do tend to run out rather quickly. The bonus of a quiet dog and no shocking will make up for the extra cost in batteries. This is a highly recommended anti-bark collar that does its job without hurting your furry friend.