4 Steps to Loss Unwanted Weight with Dukan Diet Program

The Dukan Diet is very well liked eating plan in France. If nicely to see most of the regular procedures of this diet, you are able to reach exceptional ends up in a little while. As per Pierre Dukan in the three main types food are proteins, extra fat and carbohydrates which are essential for human would be the only proteins.

4 Steps to Loss Unwanted Weight with Dukan Diet Program

Dukan diet is divided into four stages. Within the first stage is allowed only protein foods (without limitation), spices, herbs, and 2 liters of carbonated water per day. In the second stage protein days must be alternated with days any time you integrate proteins and non-starchy vegetables in limitless quantities. Inside third stage inside the diet, it’s fine to use rice, potatoes, and pasta (twice every week), two slices of bread, meal, 1 tablespoon of organic olive oil, 40 grams cheese andf the other fruit (except bananas, grapes and cherries) in one day. While in the fourth stage weekly have to conduct fasting day on protein foods.

First stage: The Attack Phase

This stage can last from three to one week, maximum 10. During this stage you might lose from 2 to 6 kg.

Menu from the first stage is made normally of protein foods. It consists of turkey, veal liver, chicken without skin, lean ham, eggs, fish and seafood, low-fat dairy food. During the food, you can vinegar and various seasonings and spices, onion and garlic, a little salt. Totally exclude boiled meat: pork, goose, beef and lamb.

Should eat only these foods. The best phase of the Dukan diet is accompanied by active weight-loss. Additionally , it is recommended within dieting of oat bran and wheat bran, which normalize work of intestines.

Second stage: The Cruise Phase

At this stage you’ll be able to eat all the foods that happen to be described in the first stage, increasing them cooked or raw vegetables. All of this might be eaten in a quantity also anytime of day. Not advised make use of at intervals of meal beet and carrot. At this point, goes the alternation of days: days of pure proteins with days that can be include things like proteins and vegetables.

When you need get rapid slimming, ‘s better to eat only you are acute hunger.

Third stage: The Consolidation Phase

This step consolidates the realized benefits.

The duration belonging to the third stage relies on how many dropped pounds – ten days for any thrown kilogram.

During the third stage is visible that Dukan weight loss program is not rigid. The ration belonging to the third phase is extremely various. You can eat the many foods which might be recommended in your second and third stages, also one part of any fruits (except grapes, bananas, cherries) and a couple slices of bread, 40 g of cheese. Twice each week you’ll be able to eat foods that happen to be contain starch (potatoes, rice, How to reheat steak , beans, peas).

Fourth stage: The Stabilization Phase

This stage does not need any significant limitations. You only have got to eat 3 tablespoons of bran daily just as soon as per week to gnaw on only pure protein.

Dukan Food plan Menu

Sample menu for one day’s the 1st phase.

Breakfast: omelet containing 3 egg-whites and skimmed milk, salmon weak salting, tea or coffee.

Morning Snack: yogurt, oat bran (1 tablespoon).

Lunch: beef steak, chicken baked with garlic and lemon.

Afternoon Snack: boiled shrimp.

Dinner: salmon steak; baked oysters, mussels, crabs; lamb chops in the grill.


Dukan Eating routine menu contains only natural foods, so it will be safe for health. She acts much the effectiveness than some other diets, even in cases when other diets don’t work. The diet plan won’t limit you in a quantities foods or time.


Dukan Weight loss program is not balanced, and may necessitate some other eating of vitamin complexes. Also in the diet menu seriously isn’t enough fats, which must compensate fats of vegetable origin.