Gleanacres Design Studio Services

We Provide a complete Website Development program. Regardless of your website needs, we can give you the tools you need to succeed with your website goals. Whether you need a single page as a digital business card, or a highly dynamic multi page site for your goods and services, Gleanacres Design Studio can make it a reality for you.

We have a complete Graphic Design Studio at your disposal.¬† We can take your site to the next level with cutting edge graphics to make you stand out from the millions of sites on the web. The right graphics are key in getting people to notice your site over someone else’s. We create graphics for the web, and for print.

We believe that your logo says a lot about you and your business. The right logo can help with branding, and in fact sometimes is the first thing people look at . Understanding your business is a key part of our process. It lets us create a design to meet your unique businesses needs. We strive to give a logo design that is polished and well thought out, thus making an impact on your potential customers without saying a word. We offer flash based elements that can be implemented into your website design, such as a flash navigation, an ad, or an entrance page( splash page ). We also offer complete sites in flash, or just a flash navigation like the one on our site. Flash can grab a viewers attention, but too much flash can get too animated on business oriented sites. We suggest using flash sparingly.

Business Cards & Letterhead

We offer photography services. We have thousands of photos in our library for use with your site design. If you need something specific, we have reasonable rates. We also work hand in hand with several professional photographers, increasing our ability to get the perfect photos to enhance your website design. The right photos can really make or break a site. Your photos need to convey, and correspond to the information on any given page. We also provide business card, and letterhead design services. When you hand a potential customer your card, you want it to make a statement and a lasting impression about you and your company. We have complete packages at extremely competitive rates.